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Ice melting from Greenland and the polar regions is causing sea levels to rise, shifting mass around the planet in a way that's starting to slow its spin, scientists are finding.
So much ice is melting at the Earth's poles that it's affecting the rotation of the planet, scientists say. Its spin is slowing down slightly, causing days to get longer.
This northern ghost bat (<em>Diclidurus albus</em>) was a special, rare find for the bat scientists gathered in Belize. “It was magical,” says evolutionary biologist Jasmin Camacho.<br><br>
Luis Echeverría for NPR
It's the 16th Bat-a-thon in Belize. Researchers think the flying mammals can teach us about warding off pathogens and managing diabetes. They trap bats in nets, draw blood ... but no bats are harmed.
Payton Case
Photo courtesy of Payton Case
Payton Case is a dancer from Central Illinois. He performs in the new film "Descendants: The Rise of Red" on Disney+. Craig and Vanessa from the Beyond the Mouse podcast chat with Case about how he made his way to the big screen, advice for the next generation of dancers and the "behind the scenes" of filming.
Former President Donald Trump is rushed offstage during a rally in Butler, Pa.
Evan Vucci
A day-by-day and hour-by-hour look at the events surrounding the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Butler, Pa., on July 13.
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Zach Bryan's fifth album in five years, <em>The Great American Bar Scene</em>, features love songs, thorny anthems, autobiographical lore and even a mini-arc that directly invokes classic Bruce Springsteen songs.
Keith Griner
Getty Images
Bruce Springsteen, 40 years on from Born in the U.S.A., shows up on Bryan’s new album to offer the wisdom and regret of a lifetime of telling truths and spinning yarns.
In 1984, <em>Born in the U.S.A. </em>made Bruce Springsteen the biggest rock star in the world. Along the way, one chapter of the album's legacy has nearly vanished from official history: club remixes of three of the album's biggest singles.
Illustration by Jackie Lay. Photos by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis and SGranitz/WireImage (Getty Images)
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